JailBreak 160

To celebrate 160 years of our charity helping the rail families we introduce...Jailbreak 160!

This event is all about team work and is open to all abilities! All you've got to do is escape from prison (locations all over the UK) and get as far away as you can. Get your friends and family to get behind your challenge by sponsoring through JustGiving!

Whether you are cunning and clever or fast and fit there's a part you can play to be in the winning team! With jail break you're all on a level playing field - but who wins is up to you! The only essential kit you need is a good sense of humour!

There are some rules though...

1. you've got to beg, smile and borrow for any travel or help along the way

2. you'll have zero pence to spend

3. you're not allowed to use trains, tracks or trams!

4. your team has to be made up of at least a pair

5. you're not allowed help from friends or family


We ask for a donation of £50 per person to take part in Jailbreak 160.

Prisoners set free on Friday 6th July 2018!

In return you get your fundraising pack and event branded, standard issue prisoner t-shirt!

The BTP have been wonderful in helping us plan and accommodate this one off event. Choose from Wembley, Liverpool or Glasgow as your starting point..where will you choose to get locked up?


Book your team here!