Carole Ayres

Carole works for South Western Railway as a CO3

Her nomination read:

"I nominate Carole, she is a resident RO based at Haslemere. She really is the most selfless, caring, attentive and warmhearted collegue I have worked with during my 34 years on the railways. If its your birthday she will make a fuss with balloons and banners, she decorates the station at christmas and easter bringing a smile to everyones face. If you a passing collegue she will make you a cup of tea, if you've lost your coat on the train she will do her best to recover it for you. She take great pride in her station too, always cleaning and keeping customers informed. Carole really is the most perfect team player and always gives 100% in her customer service duties or supporting her collegues. If it was possible to clone a collegue/employee then Carole would be your choice."