We couldn’t support all the railway people without your help. There are many ways in which you can show your support and raise valuable funds. Need some ideas? We've put together a few easy peasy ideas that you can do to raise money for us!


Bake off - all you need is people who enjoy baking cakes & people who enjoy eating them! Get your colleagues to enter their cake and get the boss to pick a winner. Categories and themes make for a fun competition

Swear Box - it’s simple, pay a fee for your profanity! Let’s be honest we can all be guilty of letting the odd swear word drop (some more than others). Why not help the RBF every time you do. Ask your team to agree a penalty scale depending on the severity

Collection box - pop this on your desk or at home and lighten the load in your pocket

Give it up for RBF - its true what they say, a little of what you fancy is good for you. However, let’s be honest we can all be guilty of over indulging whether its chocolate, alcohol or too many biscuits on our tea break


Anything you can do for us is just fantastic. if you have any crazy ideas of extreme sports or challenges then get in touch, you never know what we can do together!