Pete Waterman's Rail Quiz

Pete Waterman, RBF President, and the RBF Team are hosting a virtual Rail Quiz for our 1858 Challenge!

To enter, simply donate to our JustGiving page HERE then email your answers to by close of play on Monday 3rd May.

Our winner will be announced at 18:58 on Tuesday 4th May. The winner will be randomly selected from the highest scoring entries who have also donated - they will receive an exciting goodie bag as a prize!

There will also be a special prize for the person who gives the nearest number for Question 1. Here are the questions:


  1. How many trains are booked to run on the UK rail network at 18:58 on a normal working day timetable (pre-Covid)?
  2. The first certain examples of mainlinecoach slipping practice were carried out in 1858 but which railway operators did this?
  3. Which Railway Station, opened in 1858, had tracks onto the jetty for ferry services to Wales?
  4. In 1858 who introduced the first Class DX 0-6-0 goods (gap) locomotives and how many engines will be built to this design making it the largest steam locomotive class in the British Isles ?
  5. Which English locomotive manufacturer, who died in 1858, built the ‘Coppernob’ and where can this locomotive be found today?
  6. Who had a book reading tour in 1858 and was a patron of the early Railway Benevolent Society? 
  7. Which Birmingham Station was renamed in 1858 to its current name?
  8. Which station was relocated to a larger site and renamed in 1858? It’s also on route to a popular studio tour? 
  9. What three-mile branch line was opened in Wales in 1858?
  10. In total how many stations are believed to have been opened in Great Britain in 1858?

Remember to donate then email with your answers. Good luck!