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What is the Family Support Fund?          

The RBF Family Support Fund is a small

grants programme that will provide support to railway staff with children where the annual gross household income does not exceed £25,500. It is initially being trialled in Scotland in 2018/19.


What can the Family Support Fund be used for? The fund will provide a small sum of money (up to £100) to support child and family related expenses eg school trips, kids activities and clubs, school uniforms, baby equipment etc.


What are the Criteria?

  • You must be a Scottish rail employee, including working in the supply chain.
  • You must be have at least one child who is under 18, for whom you are claiming Child Benefit.
  • Your annual gross household income must not exceed £25,500.
  • The item or activity that you are seeking support with is related to your family or child’s expenses.
  • The sum sought must be less than £100.
  • You must be able to provide evidence of the above.


How do I apply?

Individuals seeking support can simply apply by downloading an application form from the RBF website. You should provide:

  • Copy of payslip as proof of rail employment and income
  • Details and cost of support sought


Who is running the Family Support Fund?

The grants are provided by the Railway Benefit Fund: the Industry’s Charity. We are the only charity that solely supports rail staff and their families. The RBF helps anyone that works in the rail industry - from maintenance crew to freight, from administrative support to station staff.



Who will know if I have got support?

Our service is completely confidential. Your colleagues, union rep or employers will not be told of any award or assistance provided. As a charitable gift any grant received will not affect your benefits.


What if I am struggling and need more than £100 ?

You may be eligible for support from our main grants programme – this can be accessed via the application form on our website. Different criteria apply to the Family Support Fund. If you are struggling, and require help please contact us on the number and email below. All enquiries are strictly confidential. 

Is there a time-limit for applications?

The fund is running as a pilot at present in 2018/19. The grant fund is open until early 2019. Our message is – Don’t Delay Apply today!!

Got a Question?
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