Legacy Giving

Leaving a gift in your will

It is never something that is easy to talk about, so we will keep it simple. Our charity relies on donations to enable us to carry on supporting the UK’s rail people. If you could mention us when you write your will, and leave a little something in our charity’s name, you will enable us to carry on the important work that we have been doing since 1858.

Any gift, large or small, will make a difference. It’s a gift that won’t be forgotten.

It’s easy to leave a gift in your will to RBF

All you need to do is share the following information with your solicitor and let them know what you would like to give:

Most people choose to leave either a specific sum of money or a percentage of the overall value of their assets – just 1% would make an incredible difference to the lives of railway people and their families.

Whatever you decide to do, be assured any money we receive goes directly to supporting railway people and their families in times of real need. 

RBF supporter Jean, from Derby, explains why she decided to leave a gift in her Will to the RBF.

My family have strong connections with the railway. My grandfather was a signalman and my late husband, John, also worked in rail. The railway is one big family, I guess it’s in the blood. John’s old colleagues have been so kind and supportive to me – I don’t know how I would have coped without them. I want to give something back to the industry that has always been there for us and looked after us. Today when I travel by train it makes me feel close to him and brings back lots of lovely memories. This is what John would have wanted.

Jean Darby

With our Free Will Writing service, you can have your will drawn up by a qualified professional at no cost to you. 

This service is kindly supported by Railpen and hosted by Bequeathed and can be used by anybody with a rail connection and their families.

“Having worked in rail all my life I was familiar with Railway Benefit Fund and the good work that they do. When I heard about Will Month, I jumped at the chance to get mine sorted for free. I don’t have a lot, but I wanted to make sure everything was straightforward for my children after my day. Having a will in place is reassuring for all the family.”

David McDonald
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