Debt Advice




What is Debt Advice?      

The RBF aims to proactively support all rail staff who may be at risk of debt, through the provision of practical and accessible money advice services. 

We have partnered with the Citizens Advice Manchester to provide free and confidential, general and specialist debt advice.  

What can this do for me?

You could benefit from advice and support to help you with any debt issues.

Statistics show that debt concerns are more common than you think, we understand and you are not alone:

  • 1 in every 10 employees are struggling financially but are not comfortable discussing this with their employers
  • 15% of working households are under financial stress - this number could double if interest rates rise
  • 70% of the workforce spend a fifth of their time worrying about money
  • Working patterns and the shame of debt are often cited as barriers people accessing mainstream money advice services


What are the Criteria?

  • You must be a current, former or retired rail employee, including working in the supply chain


How do I apply?

Just get in touch with our team to arrange a telephone appointment.


Further support

If you are unsure of how the RBF can help you, please give our helpful team a call to talk things through - 0345 241 2885 (option 1).




 All enquiries and our service are strictly confidential. Your colleagues or employers will not be told of any award or assistance provided. As a charitable gift any grant received will not affect your benefits.