15th December, 2022

A Christmas Gift to Rail Children

We are delighted to announce that this Christmas we aim to give a £40 gift voucher to each child from the families we have supported throughout 2022.

RBF has helped over 1,000 railway people this year; many of whom have struggled to cope with the cost of living. For some, simply putting food on the table for their children has been a difficulty. In recognition of how difficult it is for these families to give their children the Christmas they deserve, we send a gift voucher to each child as a surprise to brighten up their Christmas day. This number increases year on year and this year, we need to raise an additional £10,000 to support every child with a voucher. This is a small gesture from us, but it makes such a difference to railway people and their children who are already struggling this Christmas.

To ensure that every child can receive a voucher this Christmas, we are reaching out to the rail industry to help cover this cost. We have already received some kind donations from a range of companies within the industry, and welcome any donation, big or small, towards this important cause. Every £40 raised is a gift for a railway child whose family have faced hardship this year.

One parent who received a Christmas voucher from the charity last year sent a message of thanks:

“This morning I received a gift card through the post from the Railway Benefit Fund for my daughter. I can’t honestly express how much that meant to me; I was in tears. What a lovely and unexpected gesture, I honestly cannot thank you enough. For what has been such a terrible year, the help you gave me when I reached out made things easier for me at that time, but now to receive this for my daughter has just been so lovely I can’t express my gratitude. You will make a little girl very happy on Christmas day!”

Children’s Christmas Vouchers for 2024 will be available to purchase in October.

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