25th July, 2022

Alstom Open 2022

On 24th July, Alstom held their first golf day in aid of RBF at Morley Hayes Golf Club, Derbyshire. It was a fantastic team building day and raised over £1,000 for RBF! The results are below:

1st Place: ‘The Whet Bandits’ – 96 Points, Tie break team points 11. (Adam Whetton, Chris Chapman, Tom Chapman, Dan Fitzpatrick)

2nd Place: ‘Just the Job Supplies’ – 96 Points, Tie break team points 10. (Ryan Beech, Rob Beech, Ian Dolman, Tom Gerrard).

3rd Place: ‘Cummins’ – 89 Points. (Dave Tipper, Nigel Else, Mark James, Simon).

Longest Drive: Dave Burton, 380 Yards.

Nearest the Pin: Sam Clarke, within 2ft.

Wooden Spoon: ‘Top Brass’ – 67 Points. (Gary Johnson, Keith Bembridge, Dan Staley, Malcolm Bull).

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