3rd May, 2016

British Transport Police Spend 3 Days on the Edge

Over 100 bold cyclists jumped on their bikes with the shared goal of raising much needed funds for charity. They set the challenge to cycle the circumference of England, Scotland and Wales in just 3 days, and over 4,500 miles of varying terrain! This was something that has never been done before – arguably the toughest and biggest challenge the BTP has taken on to date! Almost £30,000 has been raised so far for three national charities, all of which play a vital part in supporting the work of the BTP. These include (us) The Railway Benefit Fund, Victim Support and Mind.

Mark Newton, Assistant Chief Constable of the British Transport Police; “On behalf of a small group of amazing BTP officers and staff I decided we were going to try and do something impressive this year. 15 routes, 110 riders, 50 support crews, 2000 energy gels, 20 donated vehicles, gales, snow, sleet, about 150,000 feet of climb, 4500 miles and undisclosed tubs of soothing cream!

To keep us focused we decided to do it for people that really needed help, hence our decision to raise money for rail colleagues via the Railway Benefit Fund. I am very proud of the whole team and what we have achieved and the difference we will make by the money raised. We know the RBF will use their share wisely and help those most at need. The BTP is a member of the rail community and by our efforts this year we hope we have added some value to our community.”

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