8th December, 2020

Giving hope to Railway Families in need this Christmas

It hasn’t been an easy year for Stephen and his family…

Stephen has been a Station Assistant for the last 9 years. It was in the busy station where he works that he met his wife to be, Kate, on her daily commute to work. They have since set up home together and have 2 children who are now 4 and 6 years old.

They both work hard to maintain their home and family life. It’s not been an easy ride and they have built some debts up over recent years. Stephen had a health scare, and extended sick leave coupled with problems with their house left him struggling with depression and anxiety.

It was all just about manageable until the pandemic hit, leaving Kate without the security of her job at the airport and Stephen shielding due to his previous illness. The loss of Kate’s income and Stephen’s overtime and commission has left them in huge financial difficulty. 

Unable to meet their costs of living and with no financial help available from family, they contemplated having to sell their home. Terrified of slipping back into depression Stephen got in touch with the RBF.

We have helped Stephen and Kate cover their mortgage during these difficult times. We have signposted to debt and legal advice and relieved some of the worry and uncertainty. We will also give them a helping hand this Christmas with vouchers to help with presents for their children.

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