26th February, 2021

Home Schooling Fund

We are delighted to announce that we have given financial support to over 100 families with our Home Schooling Fund. The Home Schooling Fund ran from early January until February half term and was designed to be responsive to the needs of the industry, after the government announced the closure of schools. In total, we have awarded over 170 pieces of home schooling equipment to 217 children including laptops, tablets and printers.

The fund was created as an emergency measure as we saw that many families did not have the equipment to effectively home school, with classes and home work being conducted on parent’s mobile phones or having to share tablets, laptops, or phones between children. This meant that some classes were missed, and home work could not be completed. Support was available from schools and the government, but those identified as most in need were prioritised. This left a gap in sufficient support for home schooling for those in employment with limited means to purchase the required devices for their children.

The Home Schooling Fund meant that concerned parents were able to receive financial support, allowing them to purchase laptops, tablets and printers to ensure that their children didn’t fall behind. 

Nick’s children were struggling with home schooling due to their very old equipment that didn’t work properly. After Nick reached out to us, we gave the family the funds to purchase a new laptop to complete school work from. Nick said: 

“The RBF have made our lives a lot easier with their generosity and we can’t thank them enough.”

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