22nd February, 2023

Introducing our Retired Fund

We have today launched a new Retired Fund, which is designed to meet the financial needs of the older population.

The Retired Fund offers applicants a maximum grant of £500 to support with the expenses that can come with age, such as disability, digital exclusion, and isolation. 

The £500 non-repayable grant can be used for a variety of costs, including but not limited to: walking aids, home security systems, travel costs, specialised alarm clocks, mobile phones to keep in touch with loved ones, and clothing to keep warm in the winter months.

To be eligible for the Retired Fund, applicants must have at least one year’s railway service, be in receipt of a state and/or private pension and have less than £3,000 in savings as a single person, or less than £5,000 in savings if you are married or in a partnership.

Applying for the Retired Fund is quick and simple. After providing proof of railway employment, pension, and bank statements, the team will process your claim and award you with a grant if eligible.

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