1st March, 2022

It’s Make a Will Month!

March is Make a Will Month! From today everyone within the rail industry has the opportunity to create a will for free this month. We have partnered with Railway Mission to provide this event, which is kindly supported by the Retired Rail Officers Society.

The free will service is available to both current and retired workers and their families, including those who work for TOCs, are part of the supply chain, and everyone in between. We have teamed up with will writing service Bequeathed to offer this service, which gives users the option to create their will online or over the phone. Both services will provide a consultation with a solicitor to finalise the will.

Creating a will using Bequeathed is simple and can be done in three easy steps:

  1. Complete the online interview (online or over the phone)

The questions asked help to gather all the information required to make your will quickly. It takes around 20 minutes and the team is online to help.

  1. Get advice from an accredited firm

When you’ve completed the interview, Bequeathed schedule in a 30-minute appointment with a legal firm. Choose phone or video call, your home or their office.

  1. Sign and witness your will

After your appointment, the legal firm sends you your free will. Just sign it in front of witnesses and return to the firm for free secure storage.

Users of the service can also choose to support their favourite charities such as RBF or Railway Mission, through leaving a gift in their will or making a donation on completion of their will. However, there is no obligation to do either.

We are so very grateful for any gift, large or small. Your generous support means that we are able to be there for the Railway Family going through difficult times when they need us.

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