Posted 17 months ago

RBF help with home schooling costs during lockdown

Last year was certainly a testing time for us all and the pandemic looks like it will continue to affect our lives for some time to come. The government announcement that schools will remain closed for the next few weeks will be devastating news for some railway families. Children from railway families who do not have essential equipment at home such as laptops, printers and stationery will struggle to learn at home during this lockdown and may fall behind as a consequence.

RBF are here for families during these difficult times. If you are struggling to afford the educational equipment that your children need to complete their school work from home, you can apply for an RBF grant to help with these costs. 

Email or call 0345 241 2885.



*To receive a grant for you or a dependent you must have worked in rail for at least one year

*Grants are only eligible for families with less than £10,000 in savings or individuals with less than £6000 in savings