4th October, 2022

We’ve launched an Energy Support Fund for Railway Staff

Today we have relaunched our Energy Support Fund, in reaction to the increased cost of living many are expected to experience in the UK.

The Energy Support Fund offers applicants a maximum grant of £200 to support with the cost of gas and electricity bills. We have established this fund to help support those working in or retired from rail who will be hit the worst by price hikes this year, as a result of the energy price cap increase from 1 October.

We initially launched the fund in April of this year in reaction to the first energy price cap increase. Since its launch, we have been able to support 122 railway people and their dependents with the cost of their energy bills. One applicant, Claire, expressed her appreciation after being awarded the £200 grant earlier this year. She said:

“I am a single parent who has to watch every penny. There have been many times when I haven’t been able to put on heating to keep my children warm because I couldn’t justify the cost.

My children had to get used to using blankets and putting on more layers of clothing, but since receiving the grant from RBF, I have been able to put the heating on and not worry about the cost as much. I have never applied for help with anything before and always just struggled on, so it was amazing to receive some support.”

To be eligible for the Energy Support Fund, applicants must have at least one years’ experience on UK railways, have a gross annual household income of less than £40,000, and have less than £3,000 in capital if a single person, or less than £5,000 if a couple. The grant is available to current, former, and retired railway workers.

Each applicant will be offered budgeting advice through Manchester Citizens Advice to adjust to changing costs, as well as being signposted to other grants that they may be eligible for.

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