Posted 16 months ago

RBF need your help as over 1,000 families have reached out to their Home Schooling Fund

Since launching the RBF Home Schooling Fund a few weeks ago, we have been inundated with enquiries from parents. The fund has been set up, for a limited time, to help parents in the Rail Industry who are struggling to provide the equipment necessary for their children’s home schooling. To continue this offering we need your donations, now more than ever. Click HERE to donate. 

Over 1,000 families have already reached out for help and funds in excess of £10,000 have already been granted to staff at various organisations including Network Rail, Unipart, TfL and GWR and the demand continues with the number enquiries and applications rising daily.

RBF are here to financially support parents who are struggling and provide funding of £300 towards the cost of a laptop, £230 for a tablet and £100 for a printer.

The first person to receive funding said “I am a single mum of two working a full-time job. The pressure I was putting on myself to ensure I was continuing to do a good job at work and for the children to meet all of their school and college requirements was causing a lot of stress and worry. I can’t tell you how much relief it was to receive the help for my boys equipment from the RBF. Thank you so much for the great service and support that you provide to people in need.”

Pete Waterman, President of RBF said: “We are delighted to have been able to react so quickly to an important national issue and to provide grants for those without access to home schooling equipment. No railway child should go without essential equipment needed for school work. However, the demand shows no signs of slowing down and we need your support to enable us to carry on helping those in need. Every penny helps towards the education needs of our railway children.”

To donate to ensure RBF can help all those in need please visit: