Posted 57 months ago

Unipart get muddy for RBF!

Daniel and Ryan from Unipart, Crewe set themselves a challenge to complete a 5 mile (or so they intended…) gruelling Tough Mudder challenge - all in the name of raising some money for the RBF!

When we went to meet them a few days before the run we were surprised to see just how calm and cool these lads were. We would have built up a bit of a sweat just at the thought of it being so close…but not these lads.
We went to catch up on the gory details of how the event had gone, expecting to see some stiff joints and awkward moves. The lads cruised into the meeting room with huge smiles on their faces. In their words, “we loved every minute of it’”

Daniel explained that on one section, they received a series of electric shocks (seriously?) and he ended up running some of it with one eye after a belly flop into a mud pool! However, he was determined to keep running until they reached the next First Aid point where thankfully they confirmed that his eyeball was still there and flushed the mud out for him (lovely!).

Also worth just a small note is that because this pair of tough cookies enjoyed the whole experience so much, the accidentally took the wrong route and ended up completing the 12 mile challenge…not the 5 they set out to do! Impressive we think!
This pair are true heroes and surely, it will take some doing to beat their gritty determination and fantastic team spirit. Ryan even played football the next morning. Is he mad?

Ryan and Dan were proud to run for RBF, the charity that is important to them as Rail employees. They know we are there if they or they colleagues ever need us. They loved the experience so much they want to do it all again next year – so we will hold them to that!
Both lads explained that even though they had several showers their girlfriends were still picking splodges of mud off them for hours after (not our idea of a romantic Saturday but hey, who are we to judge!)

Thank you both so much for all your efforts in raising money and awareness for our charity. You truly are champions!

Daniel Beker and Ryan Evans took part in Tough Mudder on the 9th September 2017 at Cholmondeley. There is still time to get behind them and support what they went through to help RBF.

Follow the link to their JustGiving page: